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Water Leak Detection Services

Commercial Residential Water Leak Detection and Repair

Water supply pipe leak detection and repair for commercial and residential properties.
Learn about the different types of water supply line leaks that you’re most likely to encounter in your home or office, as well as ways to prevent them and what to do if you currently have one.

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Water Leaks

Did you know that water leaks are the #1 cause of residential property damage in the U.S. and are the second-most common type of home insurance claim? Not to mention, the expenses accumulated directly from a water leak can be pretty costly to your wallet and your state of mind/sanity. Water damage statistics indicate even a minor leak can increase the average household water bill by 10%.

Average home insurance claim amount for water damages
Number of U.S. homes at risk of flooding due to hidden water leaks
14.6 Million
Average # of people affected each day by home water emergencies
14,000 people affected daily
Annual household water damage costs nationwide
$20 Billion

Health Risks of Water Damage in Your Home

Water entering a home can be detrimental to the health and well-being of those living there.

  • Mold and mildew. The Center for Disease Control cites mold and mildew as significant health risks that can produce allergens, irritants, and toxic substances (myotoxins).

  • Injuries. Aside from the obvious slip-and-fall, water is an excellent conductor of electricity; electrocution can cause permanent bodily damage and death.

  • Chemical hazards. Depending where the water is coming from, it may bring toxic chemicals with it; this is most typical of water damage from natural disasters, such as floods.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends homeowners regularly check for leaks

Untreated Water Damage

Homes continue to deteriorate when water damage is left untreated. Left to sit, water damage goes through a general timeline:

Within Minutes

  • Carpets, padding beneath flooring, subflooring becomes saturated.
  • Furniture on wet carpets begins to leach and stain.
  • Wood and wood products begin absorbing water.
  • Personal belongings, such as photos and paperwork may be destroyed.

Within Hours

  • Humidity begins to make the house stink.
  • Furniture in contact with water delaminates and swells.
  • Particleboard cabinetry and furniture distorts and weakens, crumbling over time.
  • Dyes from non-colorfast fabrics bleed (clothing stored together, upholstery, etc.).
  • In 48 hours or less, clean or grey water can deteriorate to black water, and in areas that experience water intrusion, clean water can rapidly become toxic.

Within Days

  • Fungi and mold become visible and cause musty odors
  • Allergen sensitivities can be caused by microbial organisms.
  • Wood may severely warp and cup, making most wooden floors unsalvageable.
  • Painted walls blister, and wallpaper begins to peel away.
  • Structural wood within the home, such as framing, begins to swell and split.

Within Weeks

  • Home is hazardous to human health and must be evacuated.
  • Mold infests organic materials, rendering them unsalvageable.
  • Drywall crumbles while the home’s structural integrity declines.
  • Damage to the foundation becomes apparent.
  • Home may be salvageable but may need to be gutted down to the studs.

Within Months

  • Damage to the foundation may be significant.
  • The cost of repairs is likely more than the home’s value.
  • Damage that could have been prevented over time (i.e., neglect) disqualifies the owner from insurance claims.
  • The home may be unsalvageable.
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What is a Water Leak?

A water leak is a leak in a pipe that carries water. This could be in the ground, or it could be in the house. A leaking pipe can have many different effects, some of which are more serious than others.

Water leaks can cause numerous problems such as flooding or damage to property, and they can also quickly cause mold growth leading to health complications. Leaks that are not fixed quickly can be a major problem, causing significant damage not only to your home and your belongings, but to your wallet, your health and your state of mind.

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Signs of a Water Leak

Common indicators of a leak in your underground water line include:  

If the indicator of a leak is outside, such as recessed ground, make note of where it appears to be the worst. This is where you’ll focus your attention.

What Causes a Water Leak

Leaks can be caused by many different factors ranging from old age, improper installation, earthquakes, to something as innocuous as a pebble in the dirt pressed against the pipe. Over time, the pressure can slowly rub against the pipe with even the smallest vibration, slowly eroding the surface of the water line until a small pinhole appears, causing a leak.

A leaking pipe underground is usually caused by an old or corroded water line. It can also be due to tree roots that have grown into the line and damaged it.

How to Repair a Water Leak in Your Home

Water supply line leaks are a major problem for many homeowners. They can cause significant damage to your home and the environment. Luckily, there are a few ways you can fix leaky pipes and prevent them from happening again.

The first step is to identify the leak. If you can’t find it, then you need to use a water meter or hire a professional leak detector to do it for you. Once you’ve found the leak, then you need to decide what kind of fix will work best for your situation. You have three options:

  1. Call a professional leak detection company
  2. Do It Yourself

Find & Fix All water supply line leaks before they become a bigger problem.

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