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What is a Slab Leak

Floor leaks, aka slab leaks, are a serious type of water leak that can lead to many complications such as emergency flooding, damage to property and personal items, extensive structural damage, mold, health risks, and even electrocution in the worst case scenario. If you suspect that you have a leak, call a professional leak detection company and use the right tools for your problem to detect water leaks under concrete. You can rest easy knowing your home will be safe from water damage

What causes a slab leak

Slab leaks are usually located in your house’s foundation or under a concrete slab. They are often caused by a break in the pipes below the slab or from the ground outside of your home. A leaking slab occurs when there is a leaking water supply line under the floor, which causes water to seep through the concrete and into your home. If this type of water damage is not addressed, it can lead to the foundation of your home being damaged and may require expensive repair work.

In Conclusion: If you have a water leak, don’t wait – call a professional to come out and fix it. Slab leaks can lead to serious complications, so getting them fixed as quickly as possible is important. You can rest easy knowing that your home will be safe and secure from water damage.

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