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Wall Leak Detection Repair

Prompt & professional wall leak repairs. We will find & fix any water line inside your walls

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Palm Springs, CA Wall Leak Detection & Repair Service

We are a Palm Springs, California, leak detection company with 28 years of experience. We take pride in providing quality leak repair services to the entire Coachella Valley & surrounding areas. We specialize in finding & fixing leaky pipes hidden inside your walls.

28 Years Experience

Providing Coachella Valley residents & businesses professional leak detection services for 28 years

Fast Response Time

We are committed to providing our customers with prompt service from start to finish, saving you time & money.

Reliable & Knowledgeable

Reliable service from experienced leak detectors that you can count on for fast, accurate leak detection services.

Call Doctor of Leaks to Fix Your Wall Leak

It can be stressful & overwhelming trying to find a leak on your own when you don’t know where to start or do not know who to call for a water leak in your ceiling. 

The hardest part about a water line leak in hard-to-reach areas like your ceiling, walls, or under the foundation is pinpointing exactly where it’s coming from. If left untreated, a leaking main water line can cause serious damage to your home & personal belongings. Usually causing mold to grow inside your walls,

Prevent Water Damage To Your Home

A small leak can turn into major water damage if left unchecked. Find & fix your leak before it damages your home or office.

Experienced Professional Service

Quality work & knowledgeable staff with extensive experience with all water line repairs.

Save Time & Money

Get peace of mind with fast, accurate services. Find the leak before it becomes a bigger, more costly problem.

Protect Your Family From Safety Hazards

Water supply line leaks can quickly get out of hand, causing flooding, health risks & other serious complications. If your home is flooded, call a professional leak detection company immediately!


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Is Your Wall Leaking Water?

Water leaking inside your walls can lead to expensive repairs and devastating damage. Given enough time, a leaking water line can lead to flooding, health risks, mold, and irreparable damage to your property & personal belongings. 

Signs of Water Damage in Walls & That You May Have a Leak

flooded home leak detection service emergency
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